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Deskaniser Desktop Whiteboard

Deskaniser Desktop Whiteboard

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Can't decide between paper or a whiteboard for your note-taking needs?

For employees and students, note-taking is part of their everyday grind. The process is essential for meetings, lectures, or when organising thoughts and ideas.

For a long time, note-taking is done on paper or on a whiteboard. However, these mediums have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Paper may be easily accessible, but having to buy them, as well as pens or pencils, repeatedly can be expensive in the long run. A whiteboard is reusable which saves you money, but it's not as convenient as writing on paper. All that said, is there a better alternative available?

This Desktop White Board combines the benefits of paper and whiteboards into one handy productivity tool.

This desktop whiteboard is just as convenient as paper when it comes to accessibility because it's perfectly sized to fit between your keyboard and monitor. This also means that there's less chance of you forgetting your notes since they'll always be in front of you.

Just like a whiteboard, you can write and erase everything you wrote down on this desktop whiteboard quickly and conveniently. The surface stands well against ghosting or stains left by markers, leaving you with a clean board to write on every time.

Plus, this writing tool offers a built-in storage space for your work or study supplies like pens, clips, and others. This in turn helps you maintain a clean and organised desk. Now, that's something you won't get with your regular paper or whiteboard.

Here are more details about our desktop whiteboard:

- Rounded corners
- Sleek and stylish
- White colour

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